"What is direct marketing?""How do I reach my ideal customer?"

What is the right marketing strategy for your business?

Good news! Marketing is not rocket science. Sure there are several marketing tactics you can use.
How do you work out which one works best? Generally more than one is needed, along with split testing.

  • 1. You need to find your ideal customer and why they need your product/service
  • 2. Have an understanding of your point of difference.
  • 3. Your marketing should evoke emotion
  • 4. It’s better to market your product as a solution to a problem
  • 5. Conduct a S.W.O.T assessment to help your marketer

Generally speaking, it’s best to get on board someone with marketing experience. Get them onto
your team whether that’s on the books or as a consultant. Either way, they need to spend time with
you to understand you and your business before they can identify your ideal customer and set up
a marketing strategy.

If you don’t know your ideal customer you are not ready to start your marketing!

If you would like some guidance and direction with your marketing, book in
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Are you frustrated that your marketing
is not working or unsure where to start?

“Paula made it clear to me. Together we identified two
ideal industries and how best to market to them.”
Matt Stubbs – Diamond Cut Roofing