"I thought I had a great business idea" "Why did my business fail?"

Not sure if you have a viable business?

You’re thinking about leaving your paid job to start a business?
Do you know how to start the journey?

Do you know how to transition from a salary earner to a business owner?
Would a mentor help you grow into that successful business you want?

Paula from EV was exactly where you are today over 10 years ago. Since 2012
Paula has been working with start-up business owners. Her experience goes way
back to the late 80s with regards to working with businesses and having first-hand
experience on what made some successful and some fail.

Would you like to learn how to implement strategies so your business is on
the right path?
Learn to avoid the pitfalls and stresses that owner’s experience?

Pick up the phone and make a 1 hour appointment to shed some light on what
the top important new business set up strategies are.

Call Paula on 0413 311 618 for a new business set up consultation.

4 MUST DO before starting a business

1. 7 ways to decide if your business idea is sound – PDF

2. Business start-up cost calculator
(when you open the Excel sheet go to the first sheet.
EXCEL document

3. Break-even calculator – Excel document

4. Preparing a business planPDF