Why you should have well worded Trading Terms

Lawyer written trading terms is an absolute must for any business operator.
Trading Terms can protect you in a court of law.
One very important clause you should have included in your Trading Terms is the following:
“CLAIMS – The Customer must inspect Deliverables received from (your business name here) within seven (7) days of receiving them. If the Customer does not make a claim in relation to the condition, quantity or without limitation other aspects of the Deliverables in writing within seven (7) days of receiving them it loses its right to do so.”

Your Trading Terms should also cover aspects that included:
Interpretation, Quotes, Charges and Taxes, Delivery, Payment, Interest on Late Payments, Non Payment, Deliverables, Notices, Liabilities, Force Majeure, Intellectual Property, Termination, and other Miscellaneous Items.
Invest in getting your Terms of Trade written correctly because it will help you sleep at night!